Scenic Riverfront Park

Welcome to Hometown Kittanning, a blog featuring all things Kittanning.  For those who aren’t aware, Kittanning is the county seat of Armstrong County in Pennsylvania.  It has seen exciting events of history unfold from as early as the French and Indian War. Inventors have created their wonders, entrepreneurs have began chasing their own American dream, and countless families have set down their roots here where once colonial heroes trod.

Numerically it may seem insignificant, but our town has something to offer everyone. From the early traces of settlers and the native Lenape (Delaware) Indians to talented  local artists, from hometown favorite restaurants to family friendly outdoor activities, Kittanning’s charm runs as strong and deep as the Allegheny River she is situated alongside of.

Citizens Bridge as viewed from Riverfront Park

Whether you have lived here all of your life, are moving (or returning) to the area, have family ties here, or are just looking to see what our town has to offer Hometown Kittanning is the place for you. I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting my blog and I hope the content here has inspired you to come and visit us. I thought I wanted adventure and to see the world as a young man, but I now know that I want to raise my family in the only place that will ever be called my Hometown Kittanning.


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